Monthly Archives: February 2019

American Beauty

So much of US Beauty Business manufacturing has been off-shored to China in-order to service the huge Chinese Beauty market. However, when it comes to what you put on your skin, you of course want to know that the ingredients are safe, regulated and meet a high set of standards. Shopping for made-in-the-USA beauty brands is one way to help you choose products that contain quality ingredients. Hosts Geralyn and Maureen have put a spotlight this week on the uniquely wonderful American beauty brand Woosh. They talk to Woosh Beauty COO Tracy Haffner about how to look great by doing more with less, and then you can easily find Woosh American-made items on the website.

THAT’S American Entertainment

When it’s your turn to host family for the holidays, it’s great to do it up right AND  make the clean up fast. Same thing with any gathering- – you want your home to look “HGTV perfect” for a reasonable amount of cost and effort. Our guest this week, Lucy Grymes has the tips, tricks and personally designed line of clever products that make entertaining and simple room make-overs a snap. Our hosts Geralyn and Maureen learn her secrets this week, you can too and then you can easily find her American-made items on the website.

American Wedding

Who doesn’t love a wedding? But the gift buying has gotten so challenging as people are
marrying later after they have started their households, they often have a lot of what they need.
And millennials are often rejecting traditional gifts of china, crystal and silver because they
entertain casually not formally, and they also see those items as too, too hard to care for. What to
do? Hosts Geralyn and Maureen spend this week with newlywed couple Joseph and Stefanie
getting their ideas on what they think about buying local , and what would make both a nice
unique wedding gift and a way to support local business at the same time as they “register for
gifts retroactively”on the website.

American Millennial Wish List

Wondering what to get your Millennial daughter for a birthday or any sort of gift? Millennials – – they’re NOT just like us. What DO they want? We’ve recruited a pair of young women, and their wish lists to help us learn. This week, our hosts Geralyn and Maureen dive into the minds of millennials Gwen and Charlotte to find out what they think about buying local and what they would like to be gifted this year from the website. You might be surprised!