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Underfoot in America

What did George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams have in common? No, not that. They all had floorcloths in their homes, and so did pretty much everyone until the invention of linoleum. Now, no one has linoleum anymore, design is king, and floorcloths are queen again. Hosts Geralyn and Maureen speak to RIT and Paris trained artist Kate Welch about her business, Floorcloths by Kate and the versatility of these beautiful and amazing functional art pieces! You can easily find Floorcloths by Kate on, the American made marketplace.

American Family Business

La Familia! Ohana! Rodina! Kazoku! Parivāra! Family! Many businesses in the USA are family businesses. When we met this amazing family, we met 4 generations all working together to make and sell their amazing, handcrafted picture frames and other finely handcrafted items. We knew they were special and had a special story to tell about how to run a successful family business and be proud of what you make and proud of your family as well.

Hosts Geralyn and Maureen get their secrets to success! You can easily find Galassi Picture Frames on the, the American made marketplace.

American Double Bottom Line

Only 3% of apparel sold in the US is made in America. So, finding great women’s wear that is Certified 100% Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton, Recycled Poly, and Pre and Post Consumer Reclaimed Materials as well as “Produced with a focus on creating jobs in the markets we operate in” meaning Wisconsin and New York, is a double threat or triple threat. No wonder Jim Martin and his companyGreen3 brand apparel of Oshkosh, WI is the top seller on!

When You Care Enough to Send a Real, American Made Greeting Card

Thanks but no thanks we say to e-cards and cheapo greeting cards that look like a thousand other ones you’ve sent and received before. It takes just a moment for the personal touch of a personal note, we’re all for bringing that back. American artists and designers are doing clever, funny, and original work that is worth paying for and those on the receiving end of your extra bit of effort will appreciate. Hosts Geralyn and Maureen are traveling across the USA to find greeting cards that will knock your socks off. This week they speak with one of their favorites. Creative “Mom” Mary Nigro of Joe Sports, she makes cards that celebrate youth athletic activities. Why didn’t someone think of THAT before?!? You can easily find Joe Sports American-made cards s on the website.

Burning the American Made Candle (“At Both Ends”)

The list of most fun jobs in the world has to include creating delicious scents and dreaming up hysterically funny and inspirational names for them in order to breakthrough in the growing home fragrance market. Home Fragrance is another category where safety and quality count (obviously we hope) and American made quality, standards, and regulations are valued. This week, Hosts Geralyn and Maureen visit with lucky Weatherly Munroe, Owner and Designer of Georgia based Uncommon Scents. she makes one-of-a kind candles that amuse and delight buyers and gift recipients across the nation, from her home base in Georgia. You can easily find Uncommon Scents on the website.