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Label Check Aisle One; Why Buy Made In USA?

Over the past few months, we’ve interviewed more than a dozen sellers and makers who list their products on Each one of them shares an amazing commitment to making their products right here in the USA, and each one of them has shared with our listeners their amazing stories of their craft, the founding of their business, and their passion for what they do every day.

American Blondes Have More Fun

Gummi bears, Unicorns, and Mermaids, Oh My! When the list of best jobs in the nation is compiled, creating handcrafted original jewelry with whimsical concepts that make everyone smile will be at the top of the heap. Managing to do it and keep production in America versus offshoring it is the second magic trick of this exciting woman entrepreneur. There’s no place like home. Hosts Geralyn and Maureen speak to Alex Hillson, entertainment industry veteran on her career change and how it informs her new way of entertaining and delighting her jewelry customers young and old(er) across North Amaerica today. You can easily find jewelry by Bottleblond Jewels on, the American made marketplace.

American Words Matter

Need a great Engagement or Wedding gift? American icons from Oprah to Martha Stewart have singled out the American-made custom cutting boards made by Words With Boards for their short lists. What makes them unique? Wood sourced from sustainable forests, American handcraftsmanship, and words custom cut into the wood (you’ve gotta see this!), make these one-of-a-kind kitchen and home goods. Hosts Geralyn and Maureen speak to Kim Strassner, part of the husband and wife team that own and run Words With Boards. You can easily find cutting boards by Words With Boards on, the American made marketplace.

American School of Sock

If crowdsourcing, algorithms, fashion, and tradition had baby it would be Boston, MA based String &&Loop company. The only buzz word missing there is blockchain. With apparel made in the USA down to only 3% of what’s sold in the USA, it is great to see innovative, young entrepreneurs bringing production to the cradle of the textile industry, Greensboro, NC, and finding success. Hosts Geralyn and Maureen speak to artist-founder Cody Ben Lewis about his business, String && Loop and his fascinating design-to-market strategy! You can easily find Socks by String && Loop on, the American made marketplace.