Monthly Archives: May 2019

American Woodcraft Magic

Great design plus everyday objects/tools is a powerful combination. Just “ask” Steve Jobs. Great design plus handmade craftmanship plus everyday objects/tools is an investment in making life’s little moments joyous ones. Hosts Geralyn Breig and Brian Gibbons speak to wood craftsman Jon Ortmann in Patton, MO. Jon and his family run their family business with a personal touch, designing and creating masterpieces out of pens, razors, wine stoppers and cutting boards that become heirlooms. You can easily find Ortmann Woodcraft to treat yourself or gift someone special, on, the American made marketplace.

Made in America 2019

China leads the world in manufacturing output in $USD according to Right
behind China is the gold old USA, followed by Japan and Germany. Hmmm, what would it take
to be #1 in manufacturing again you ask? We were wondering too. Hosts Geralyn Breig and
Brian Gibbons speak to Jason Blount, CIO of whose mission is to facilitate
the growth of American manufacturing and get the nation back on top again as the world’s
leading manufacturer.

American Mantra From Heaven

Do you live in your yoga pants? Do you wish that all of your clothes were as comfortable as
yoga pants or yoga-wear, but were styled for street wear or work wear? Hosts Geralyn Breig
and Brian Gibbons speak to Erin Draper in Baltimore, MD. This graduate of the Parsons School
of Design in New York City was inspired by comfortable athletic wear to create a line of
beautiful, luxuriously soft clothing that women fall in love with at first touch. You can easily find
Fashion For Life by Erin Draper on, the American made marketplace.