Monthly Archives: June 2019

American Blade Runner

It’s a fact that American men and women are shaving less and turning the act of shaving from a
chore into an art or an event. Men’s spending on grooming products is way up and women’s
spending on skin care grows. And now, the true ‘art’ of shaving is to buy, own, or gift someone
with a handmade razor or shaving kit that is beautiful and not disposable. Hosts Geralyn Breig
and Maureen Linder speak to wood craftsman Dan Janssen about wood turning and his
business in Baltimore City creating a line of sustainably made, heirloom shaving products. You
can easily find his Imperium Shaving razors and shaving sets for men and women on, the American made marketplace.

Americans Are Stepping Up

Only 2% or less of the footwear purchased in the USA these days is manufactured in the USA.
What footwear IS made in the USA however is exactly what we want, high quality, and worth
supporting with your pocketbook. Ever since the Northwestern University Women’s Lacrosse
team Division I NCAA Champions wore flip flops to their visit to the White House with the
President in 2005, flip flops are not just for the beach anymore. Hosts Geralyn Breig and
Maureen Linder speak to Sara Irvani of Okabashi footwear in Buford, Georgia about our flip flop
nation. You can easily find Okabashi sandals and flip flops on, the American
made marketplace.

America’s Generation Z

The largest demographic group in the USA today is Generation Z and they just began graduating
college and entering the workforce. Whoa – – you thought getting to understand Millennials was a
challenge! Start now to learn to speak “Z” with us, or risk getting left behind! This week, our hosts
Geralyn and Maureen get educated by Gen Z shopper Nevin about what makes a cool product and what
she would buy from the website. You can easily find her picks on,
the American made marketplace.

Wildlife and American Women

It’s a long way from Beaver Cover, ME and the east side of Moosehead lake to safari country in Africa. Most of us only dream of traveling to all seven continents and seeing exotic wildlife. Hosts Geralyn Breig and Brian Gibbons speak to sisters Shelley Lance-Fulk and Jacklyn Amtower who have traveled to over 135 countries and brought the wonders of the world’s animal and plant life back through their amazing photography to the rest of us. You can easily find their Compass Rose Images books, coasters, trivets, and wall hangings on, the American made marketplace.