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American Bag of Tricks

Hostess gifts- what do you bring? What do the etiquette experts recommend? If you are like most people, you bring a nice bottle of wine, but then you scramble to put a cheap tag or bag around it.  Why not go the last 10 yards with a truly awesome wine bag that doubles as a second gift? Hosts Geralyn Breig and Maureen Linder speak to Jean Carroll, Owner of Mainland Canvas in Gautier, Mississippi about her authentic marine canvas wine bags, totes and other items sewn in her Mississippi Gulf Coast marine canvas shop when she’s not outfitting boats. You can easily find the charming, durable, wine bags and tote bags from Mainland Canvas on, the American made marketplace.

American Horror Story

Do you want some tips on how to easily go all out for the holidays? How to make YOUR house look like the super fun house in the neighborhood without looking like you lost your mind or mortgaged your home for your electric bill? Hosts Geralyn Breig and Maureen Linder speak to Joe Michaels, Co-Owner of Door Foto in Tampa, Florida about how his business born to maximize celebration of a famous Pirate Festival has exploded into ways to help you celebrate every holiday and occasion in your life in a big way. You can easily find the high quality, easy to use Decorative Door Covers from Door Foto on, the American made marketplace.

American Mini Home Makeover

We ALL love those HGTV episodes that “makeover” your home in 30 minutes for “just dollars”. But what if we told you that you could quickly and inexpensively makeover your front door every season with a beautiful, natural wreath and wreath ornament, AND at the same time buy it from a non-profit organization whose proceeds go to help Americans with disabilities to train and develop work skills? Hosts Geralyn Breig and Maureen Linder speak to Kayla Krause, Director of Marketing & Sales at The Festive Home in Southbridge, Massachusetts about exactly how to make your home more welcoming, stylish, and festive, while helping others. You can easily find beautiful wreaths and wreath ornaments from The Festive Home on, the American made marketplace.

Who Runs the World? (American) Girls!

Hosts Geralyn and Maureen review some of the amazing women-owned businesses that appeared in Season One of the American Made Marketplace. This episode, captures the secret sauce of the entrepreneurial spirit that is currently propelling women in the US to start-up new businesses here at a higher rate than men.

American Heavy Metal

What do you get when you mix tin, copper, antimony, bismuth and sometimes silver? In the case of our guests, an amazing pewter product line featured in the award-winning HBO mini- series, John Adams! Hosts Geralyn Breig and Maureen Linder interview master pewterers Tom and Pat Hooper about their craft, their family business and (just a little bit) about their fierce dragon beakers. You can easily find their handmade pewter collection on, the American made marketplace.

American Crown Jewels

Attend any fine art or craft show and you will be overwhelmed with jewelry makers. How can you tell handcrafted from “assembled”? What makes an exceptional jewelry artist – -one who breaks out and comes to the notice of major publications and media from In Style to The Knot to Glamour to MTV and everyone in between. Hosts Geralyn Breig and Maureen Linder interview Bonnie Riconda, BFA, MFA about her mega-successful jewelry business. You can easily find her Calico Juno earrings on, the American made marketplace.

American Blade Runner

It’s a fact that American men and women are shaving less and turning the act of shaving from a
chore into an art or an event. Men’s spending on grooming products is way up and women’s
spending on skin care grows. And now, the true ‘art’ of shaving is to buy, own, or gift someone
with a handmade razor or shaving kit that is beautiful and not disposable. Hosts Geralyn Breig
and Maureen Linder speak to wood craftsman Dan Janssen about wood turning and his
business in Baltimore City creating a line of sustainably made, heirloom shaving products. You
can easily find his Imperium Shaving razors and shaving sets for men and women on, the American made marketplace.

Americans Are Stepping Up

Only 2% or less of the footwear purchased in the USA these days is manufactured in the USA.
What footwear IS made in the USA however is exactly what we want, high quality, and worth
supporting with your pocketbook. Ever since the Northwestern University Women’s Lacrosse
team Division I NCAA Champions wore flip flops to their visit to the White House with the
President in 2005, flip flops are not just for the beach anymore. Hosts Geralyn Breig and
Maureen Linder speak to Sara Irvani of Okabashi footwear in Buford, Georgia about our flip flop
nation. You can easily find Okabashi sandals and flip flops on, the American
made marketplace.

America’s Generation Z

The largest demographic group in the USA today is Generation Z and they just began graduating
college and entering the workforce. Whoa – – you thought getting to understand Millennials was a
challenge! Start now to learn to speak “Z” with us, or risk getting left behind! This week, our hosts
Geralyn and Maureen get educated by Gen Z shopper Nevin about what makes a cool product and what
she would buy from the website. You can easily find her picks on,
the American made marketplace.

Wildlife and American Women

It’s a long way from Beaver Cover, ME and the east side of Moosehead lake to safari country in Africa. Most of us only dream of traveling to all seven continents and seeing exotic wildlife. Hosts Geralyn Breig and Brian Gibbons speak to sisters Shelley Lance-Fulk and Jacklyn Amtower who have traveled to over 135 countries and brought the wonders of the world’s animal and plant life back through their amazing photography to the rest of us. You can easily find their Compass Rose Images books, coasters, trivets, and wall hangings on, the American made marketplace.

Why Are Americans SO Crafty?

According to the Association for Creative Industries , “Today, crafters are the youngest they’ve
ever been”. “The largest percentage of crafters (41%) are millennials, between the ages of 18-
and-34 years old. Some 36% are 35-to-54 and 23% are 55 and older.” With a total market size
of $36 billion, crafting supplies are sold at some 75,000 retail outlets. Crafts are big business. At
the top of the heap is CRAFT- Craft Retailers and Artists For Tomorrow. Hosts Geralyn Breig and
Brian Gibbons speak to Diane Sulg, Executive Director of CRAFT and creator of American Craft
Week which is October 4-13, 2019 this year to get the scoop on this phenomenon.

American Woman Owned Business

Ah shopping…. It can be a love-hate relationship. Finding the right size is daunting and varies from maker to maker. It took a bunch of women to tackle this one head-on and make shopping a pleasure again by deigning one-size fits all beautifully clothing. SO clever and pretty, their creations have been featured on everything from the Today Show to the View and everything in between. Hosts Geralyn Breig and Brian Gibbons speak to designer Roshena Chadha in Walnut, CA about working with her team to create this amazing line for women. You can easily find Shawl Dawls clothing on, the American made marketplace.

American Woodcraft Magic

Great design plus everyday objects/tools is a powerful combination. Just “ask” Steve Jobs. Great design plus handmade craftmanship plus everyday objects/tools is an investment in making life’s little moments joyous ones. Hosts Geralyn Breig and Brian Gibbons speak to wood craftsman Jon Ortmann in Patton, MO. Jon and his family run their family business with a personal touch, designing and creating masterpieces out of pens, razors, wine stoppers and cutting boards that become heirlooms. You can easily find Ortmann Woodcraft to treat yourself or gift someone special, on, the American made marketplace.

Made in America 2019

China leads the world in manufacturing output in $USD according to Right
behind China is the gold old USA, followed by Japan and Germany. Hmmm, what would it take
to be #1 in manufacturing again you ask? We were wondering too. Hosts Geralyn Breig and
Brian Gibbons speak to Jason Blount, CIO of whose mission is to facilitate
the growth of American manufacturing and get the nation back on top again as the world’s
leading manufacturer.

American Mantra From Heaven

Do you live in your yoga pants? Do you wish that all of your clothes were as comfortable as
yoga pants or yoga-wear, but were styled for street wear or work wear? Hosts Geralyn Breig
and Brian Gibbons speak to Erin Draper in Baltimore, MD. This graduate of the Parsons School
of Design in New York City was inspired by comfortable athletic wear to create a line of
beautiful, luxuriously soft clothing that women fall in love with at first touch. You can easily find
Fashion For Life by Erin Draper on, the American made marketplace.

Label Check Aisle One; Why Buy Made In USA?

Over the past few months, we’ve interviewed more than a dozen sellers and makers who list their products on Each one of them shares an amazing commitment to making their products right here in the USA, and each one of them has shared with our listeners their amazing stories of their craft, the founding of their business, and their passion for what they do every day.

American Blondes Have More Fun

Gummi bears, Unicorns, and Mermaids, Oh My! When the list of best jobs in the nation is compiled, creating handcrafted original jewelry with whimsical concepts that make everyone smile will be at the top of the heap. Managing to do it and keep production in America versus offshoring it is the second magic trick of this exciting woman entrepreneur. There’s no place like home. Hosts Geralyn and Maureen speak to Alex Hillson, entertainment industry veteran on her career change and how it informs her new way of entertaining and delighting her jewelry customers young and old(er) across North Amaerica today. You can easily find jewelry by Bottleblond Jewels on, the American made marketplace.

American Words Matter

Need a great Engagement or Wedding gift? American icons from Oprah to Martha Stewart have singled out the American-made custom cutting boards made by Words With Boards for their short lists. What makes them unique? Wood sourced from sustainable forests, American handcraftsmanship, and words custom cut into the wood (you’ve gotta see this!), make these one-of-a-kind kitchen and home goods. Hosts Geralyn and Maureen speak to Kim Strassner, part of the husband and wife team that own and run Words With Boards. You can easily find cutting boards by Words With Boards on, the American made marketplace.

American School of Sock

If crowdsourcing, algorithms, fashion, and tradition had baby it would be Boston, MA based String &&Loop company. The only buzz word missing there is blockchain. With apparel made in the USA down to only 3% of what’s sold in the USA, it is great to see innovative, young entrepreneurs bringing production to the cradle of the textile industry, Greensboro, NC, and finding success. Hosts Geralyn and Maureen speak to artist-founder Cody Ben Lewis about his business, String && Loop and his fascinating design-to-market strategy! You can easily find Socks by String && Loop on, the American made marketplace.

Underfoot in America

What did George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams have in common? No, not that. They all had floorcloths in their homes, and so did pretty much everyone until the invention of linoleum. Now, no one has linoleum anymore, design is king, and floorcloths are queen again. Hosts Geralyn and Maureen speak to RIT and Paris trained artist Kate Welch about her business, Floorcloths by Kate and the versatility of these beautiful and amazing functional art pieces! You can easily find Floorcloths by Kate on, the American made marketplace.

American Family Business

La Familia! Ohana! Rodina! Kazoku! Parivāra! Family! Many businesses in the USA are family businesses. When we met this amazing family, we met 4 generations all working together to make and sell their amazing, handcrafted picture frames and other finely handcrafted items. We knew they were special and had a special story to tell about how to run a successful family business and be proud of what you make and proud of your family as well.

Hosts Geralyn and Maureen get their secrets to success! You can easily find Galassi Picture Frames on the, the American made marketplace.

American Double Bottom Line

Only 3% of apparel sold in the US is made in America. So, finding great women’s wear that is Certified 100% Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton, Recycled Poly, and Pre and Post Consumer Reclaimed Materials as well as “Produced with a focus on creating jobs in the markets we operate in” meaning Wisconsin and New York, is a double threat or triple threat. No wonder Jim Martin and his companyGreen3 brand apparel of Oshkosh, WI is the top seller on!

When You Care Enough to Send a Real, American Made Greeting Card

Thanks but no thanks we say to e-cards and cheapo greeting cards that look like a thousand other ones you’ve sent and received before. It takes just a moment for the personal touch of a personal note, we’re all for bringing that back. American artists and designers are doing clever, funny, and original work that is worth paying for and those on the receiving end of your extra bit of effort will appreciate. Hosts Geralyn and Maureen are traveling across the USA to find greeting cards that will knock your socks off. This week they speak with one of their favorites. Creative “Mom” Mary Nigro of Joe Sports, she makes cards that celebrate youth athletic activities. Why didn’t someone think of THAT before?!? You can easily find Joe Sports American-made cards s on the website.

Burning the American Made Candle (“At Both Ends”)

The list of most fun jobs in the world has to include creating delicious scents and dreaming up hysterically funny and inspirational names for them in order to breakthrough in the growing home fragrance market. Home Fragrance is another category where safety and quality count (obviously we hope) and American made quality, standards, and regulations are valued. This week, Hosts Geralyn and Maureen visit with lucky Weatherly Munroe, Owner and Designer of Georgia based Uncommon Scents. she makes one-of-a kind candles that amuse and delight buyers and gift recipients across the nation, from her home base in Georgia. You can easily find Uncommon Scents on the website.

American Beauty

So much of US Beauty Business manufacturing has been off-shored to China in-order to service the huge Chinese Beauty market. However, when it comes to what you put on your skin, you of course want to know that the ingredients are safe, regulated and meet a high set of standards. Shopping for made-in-the-USA beauty brands is one way to help you choose products that contain quality ingredients. Hosts Geralyn and Maureen have put a spotlight this week on the uniquely wonderful American beauty brand Woosh. They talk to Woosh Beauty COO Tracy Haffner about how to look great by doing more with less, and then you can easily find Woosh American-made items on the website.

THAT’S American Entertainment

When it’s your turn to host family for the holidays, it’s great to do it up right AND  make the clean up fast. Same thing with any gathering- – you want your home to look “HGTV perfect” for a reasonable amount of cost and effort. Our guest this week, Lucy Grymes has the tips, tricks and personally designed line of clever products that make entertaining and simple room make-overs a snap. Our hosts Geralyn and Maureen learn her secrets this week, you can too and then you can easily find her American-made items on the website.

American Wedding

Who doesn’t love a wedding? But the gift buying has gotten so challenging as people are
marrying later after they have started their households, they often have a lot of what they need.
And millennials are often rejecting traditional gifts of china, crystal and silver because they
entertain casually not formally, and they also see those items as too, too hard to care for. What to
do? Hosts Geralyn and Maureen spend this week with newlywed couple Joseph and Stefanie
getting their ideas on what they think about buying local , and what would make both a nice
unique wedding gift and a way to support local business at the same time as they “register for
gifts retroactively”on the website.

American Millennial Wish List

Wondering what to get your Millennial daughter for a birthday or any sort of gift? Millennials – – they’re NOT just like us. What DO they want? We’ve recruited a pair of young women, and their wish lists to help us learn. This week, our hosts Geralyn and Maureen dive into the minds of millennials Gwen and Charlotte to find out what they think about buying local and what they would like to be gifted this year from the website. You might be surprised!

What’s the Buzz America?

What’s the buzz? Would you like to bee educated on how to bee smart, bee sassy, bee happy and
bee well? This week’s honorary bee keepers (hosts) Geralyn and Maureen interview Sheryl Mackey
about building a global beauty business from wholesome ingredients found in nature, Honey House
Naturals in Fife, Washington, one of the hundreds of craftsmen & businesses that list their products on

An American Man’s (or Woman’s) Best Friend

Are you a pet lover? Pet Parent? Ever since the huge recall of Chinese pet food in 2007 more and
more Americans are reading country of origin labels on what they put on their pets and in their pets.
Our hosts talk today with Nancy Dietlin of Norwalk, CT based Hoadin brand, fine American made pet
accessories, and one of the hundreds of craftsmen & businesses that list their products on

American Baby

Our two American girls Maureen and Geralyn talk about what is best to put next to baby’s porous skin – – we’re talking adorable, organic baby clothes today with Gwen Gardner from Simply Chickie brand in Newport, RI- one of the hundreds of craftsmen & businesses that list their products on

Welcome to the American Made Marketplace!

Geralyn and Maureen introduce the vision for, as well as an interview a Darriel Davis about her Design company based in Lancaster, PA — one of the hundreds of craftsmen & businesses that list their products on